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Community Video
by arlen figgis
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This is the second of four short films made for Channel 4 / Tate modern about modern and conceptual art. We took the art and put it in a different space or context and asked people to comment. In this episode we took Marcel Duchamp's 'FOUNTAIN' and placed it in a public toilet. The mandatory, 'is it art' discussion followed! Source: Uploader: arlen figgis Upload date: 20120624
Topics: Vimeo, video
Books to Borrow
by Kuenzli, Rudolf E; Naumann, Francis M
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Includes bibliographical references (p. [231]-265)
Topics: Duchamp, Marcel, 1887-1968, Dadaism, Surrealism
American Libraries
by Jones, Mark, 1951-; Craddock, P. T. (Paul T.); Barker, Nicolas; British Museum
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What is a fake and why are fakes made? Did the forgers of the Turin Shroud and Piltdown Man have the same motives? Does a famous Vermeer cease to be beautiful when it turns out to be a Van Meegeren? Is the Piranesi Vase an eighteenthcentury masterpiece or a fakedup antique? Fakes, argue the contributors to this volume, have always been unjustly neglected, especially given the unparalleled evidence they provide of the values and perceptions of both those who make them and those who commission...
Topics: bub_upload, Art